30 May 2013

Chamang Waterfall, Bentong Pahang

Some photograph of Chamang Waterfall taken during my assignment at Bentong, Pahang. Feel free to comment and share. Thanks.

21 May 2013

[HDR] - Lata Janggut, Kelantan

Some photograph of Lata Janggut Waterfall taken during my assignment at Jeli, Kelantan. This photograph has been present using HDR (High Dynamic Range) treatment. Original photograph will be upload soon. Feel free to share if you like.

07 May 2013

My Photo used at Gloria Jean's Malaysia FB pages

Above are the print-screen from my Ipad showing my photo are currently used at Gloria Jean's Coffees Malaysia FB pages for promotion purposes. Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) are the master franchise for Gloria Jean's Coffees in Malaysia. My pictures will shown at Gloria Jean's Malaysia (GJC) FB page within 3 months start at 6th May 2013 (last Monday) until July 2013, Insyallah. Lets LIKE my pictures at GJC FB page at http://www.facebook.com/GloriaJeansCoffeesMalaysia/ . Thank you for your support. Jom Ngopi!

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